Don’t you just love candy canes?

cc2.jpgCandy canes — sweet, sometimes minty and always delicious! These traditional holiday confections have a great story to tell. is your resource for all things related to candycanes. Come explore these great areas of our site:

Candycane History tells the story of how candycanes came to be a Christmas tradition. In a little less than 100 years the candycane has become as synonomous with Christmas as mistletoe and the Christmas tree! This fascinating look back in time at candycanes is a great story of Christmas imagination and good old fashion American entrepreneurial ingenuity!

Candycane Myths explains how some have added more meaning to the candycane than originally intended. Some celebrate Christmas as a sacred event and even the candycane has been drawn into the controversies and symbolisms of the Christmas season. This section of our site sets the record straight concerning what is thought in some places about candycanes and and is true about the origins of this favorite holiday treat.

Candycane Recipes is a section of our site entirely devoted to cooking with candycanes. They are not just for hanging on the tree! Any manner of treats can be made with the candycane and we’ll show you some of the best recipes.

Candycane Projects is all about doing things with candycanes besides eating them! You can make all manner of fun things using candycanes as your building blocks — and we’ll show you how!

This little website devoted to candycanes is brought to you by the same folks who produce My Merry Christmas, one of the Internet’s oldest and biggest Christmas websites. Like that site, is a labor of love devoted to one singular element of a season we cherish.