Candy Cane Christmas Sleigh


This would make a nice, inexpensive craft for kids in the higher elementary grades to make at a party. Ask them to bring a photo that they are allowed to cut, or let them take digital photos at the party and print out on card stock with your computer. Also makes a great grandparent gift!

Time to make: about 30 minutes.

Cost: About 30 cents for candy canes.


  • 5 candy canes, real or plastic
  • Red or Green narrow ribbon
  • Tacky glue, tape
  • Photo of you, your family, your pet, etc. You may print one out on card stock from your computer.
  • Bits of cotton
  • Red construction paper
  • Optional: plastic wrap, treats, ribbon.


1. Using invisible tape, assemble candy canes to resemble sleigh as shown.

2. Cover tape with ribbon and tie in bows.  

3. Cut out the people and/or pets from the photo in such a way that it will look like they are sitting on the sleigh.

4. Cut out tiny triangles from red paper and add cotton to resemble Santa’s hat. Place on heads of the people with tacky glue.

5. Cut sections of ribbon for scarves. Place around necks of people and pets. Arrange tails of the ribbon out to the side so it will look like the sleigh is in motion.

6. You may add a little bag of treats to sit on the back of the sleigh: Cut out a square of plastic wrap. Add candies. Tie with ribbon and attach to sleigh with tape.

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